What I Learned From Sri Patanjali and Seinfeld

It is now mid-February. Did you set intentions or resolutions for the new year? How is it going? 

I ask, because I've been reflecting on how to track and be accountable for changing my habits. I have upgraded how I've been doing that this year, and it has been working really well so I thought I'd give you a glimpse into my process. If changing your ways or living up to your intentions in this new year hasn't been going that well for you, or if you haven't even thought about monitoring it, you may want to continue reading. This process I'm about to share I learned from Sri Patanjali (the sage who wrote the Yoga Sutras) and Seinfeld (as in Jerry- the comedian). What do these two distinct legends have in common? They share a belief in a certain psychology of self-motivation which can be used for anything you want to do more of in your life. Whether it is more yoga or writing jokes. 

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