One on one sessions can help you move specific energy blocks, work with your own body's needs, and allow you to feel heard. I hold space for you to connect with your true self and be your own healer.


Below are the healing modalities I offer that I practice continually. They offer ways to emotionally and physically detox, re-set your rest and digest response, and open up your heart. Private sessions are 60 minutes and are available via Skype (you can be anywhere in the world!) or in person at studio spaces in Union Square or Bay Ridge// NYC.  Please contact me for more information and to set up your private session! 

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"Karen is an amazing yoga teacher. She is authentic, patient, kind and plans an amazing experience. I took her breathwork class and restorative class and left feeling relaxed and centered. Karen guides her students and eases us into different poses easily during restorative. Her music selection is relaxing and her guided meditation helped me stay grounded and in the present. I highly recommend Karen's classes. If you haven't attended her breathwork class, you should go!"  Nicole (Restorative + Breathwork student)


Light Within Breathwork

Breathwork is an active meditation that enables us to let go and connect with our emotional selves. Through a rhythmic controlled breath we discover blocks and move stagnant energy (grief, anger, anxiety, old thought patterns etc.) without the thinking self getting in the way. 

A typical session starts with 10-15 minutes getting to know what areas you may have that need shifting, rebalancing, and healing. You will then lay down and I will guide you through the Breathwork healing. This is followed by a period of rest. There is no movement or yoga poses involved. You do not need to have any meditation skills or prior practice. Beginner's welcome. 

Choose this modality if you:

  • Are ready to release stuck emotions and find the light within
  • Are ready to move past limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, habits, and areas where you feel stuck
  • Wish to work through anxiety, grief, anger, etc. to gain confidence and receive more love

GLOW - Gentle Flow

Through the movements of yoga asana we can find clarity and peace while we gain both inner and muscular strength. Essentially we create space within our bodies and balance our energy. Yoga postures on the mat can often be seen as a metaphor for how we approach life. Step by step, in the here and now. Learn to slow down and look within with my blend of gentle yoga, restorative, and alignment.

A typical session starts with a gentle warm-up, followed by light vinyasa flow given with key instruction on alignment. The session cools down with a restorative pose and rest followed by a 5-10 minute meditation. You do not need prior yoga experience to participate. Beginner's welcome. 

Choose this healing modality if you: 

  • Wish to improve your posture or undo damage from habitual actions (working at a computer for example)
  • Wish to learn how to adapt postures to your own physical needs
  • Bring knowledge gained from privates to your faster paced public classes
  • Learn sequences for a home practice, for travel, or at your desk 

Rest + Restore - Restorative Yoga 

A Restorative Yoga practice is about allowing yourself to really relax. It is conscious relaxation which is different than sleeping. We release the muscles on props that support us and take the time to enhance our breathing. We then can fully calm the body, deepen the breath, and quiet the mind. We then can let go of the constant stress response state our bodies have gotten used to being in. This further helps balance our nervous system. It will aid our digestion, which affects our long term health.

A typical session starts with a grounding meditation, gentle movement and then long held restorative poses. You do not need prior yoga or meditation experience to participate. Beginner's welcome.

Choose this healing modality if you: 

  • Wish to aid your digestive system, sleep response, insomnia and learn how to fully relax
  • Wish to learn mindful meditations to ground an overactive mind or calm anxiety
  • Wish to learn how to lower the constant stress response your body goes through on a daily basis
  • Wish to slow down and take time for yourself

Corporate Self-Care

Bring yoga to your office! NYC only. 

This is a 60 minute yoga session held in the office at employees desks/ conference room to help ease tension, avoid stiff backs and wrists, and aid in productivity. It is important to take a break from the daily grind and take the body away from the computer and devices periodically. Sessions do not need mats or props and can be scheduled during the day when employees need a break. Movements learned can be done on the students own time later at their desks and during travel. The benefits are amazing! 

Please contact me first for a consultation. I'm happy to visit your office to help work out a plan that will be most beneficial to your employees. 

  I also bring these practices to a group setting via studio classes and workshops throughout the year.